Its main objective is to achieve personal fulfillment through the stimulation of the energy within the body, which can be reached through sexual pleasure. Tantric massages have their origin in Hindu books, from which various teachings and rituals can be derived, known as tantras. In oriental cultures tantra is the method through which personal growth can be achieved through physical pleasure thanks to an erotic massage Barcelona, and through massages parts of the body can be activated that allow us to achieve both physical and mental well-being.

It must be taken into account in Eastern culture medicine is different from Western and according to it the body is considered as a whole, that is, is the union between body and spirit, and for this reason that when we are sick the doctor not only treats physical pain, but also seek ways to know us better to know the origin of our evil and thus eradicate it.

An ancient tradition that has modernised

The maxim of the oriental tradition is the communion between the soul and the body, and through the tantra is that you can get to see this union, because the oriental culture believes that by promoting physical pleasure, you can also reach mental pleasure, emotional well-being and happiness.

This is how everything is intrinsically related to your physical health, because the happier and more relaxed you become, the healthier you will be. Therefore, everything is a circle that can not become separate, is a whole that comes to unite all facets of the human being, both the invisible and the visible.

How are tantric massages?

This is an erotic massage that will be performed throughout the body, including the erogenous zones. Through this method we look for the relaxation of the organs and the mind through the sending of signals of sexual pleasure. This is how with this massage you get to deactivate the mind, so you can reach a meditative state during which thoughts are relaxed and physical sensations become much more intense.

The person who receives these massages comes to achieve a state of meditation so intense that you get to put aside the thoughts and is carried away only by the language of pleasure, sexual impulses and the body, thus achieving the awakening of inner energy. And this is why each touch, caress or sensation become very powerful because we concentrate only on them.

It is good to note that there are two types of tantric massage: the masculine known as lingam and the feminine called yoni. The latter make possible the enjoyment of many more diverse pleasures, because the woman’s body has many more erogenous points that can be stimulated without having to touch the genital organs.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

Tantric massages, besides helping us to relax and connect with ourselves, also help us understand sexuality in another way. Through them we achieve the awakening of another type of sexual desire, enjoy the pleasure of each sensation, each caress, a slow and highly suggestive stimulation that goes far beyond a simple penetration.

In addition to all this, thanks to the feeling of well-being, relaxation and peace of mind that Tantric massages give us, we achieve that our organs function in a more harmonious way, which leads to the regulation of heart rate and the reduction of blood pressure, ultimately achieving a total welfare, both inside and outside.

The origins of tantric and sensual massage