Babies are naturally curious about the world around them. Through the senses they discover their environment: they look, touch, smell, taste… Parents can take advantage of this curiosity to stimulate their baby’s creativity. Thus, we can present images or landscapes for you to observe. We can also put on new music or give them a taste of different flavours.

These experiences will be pleasant for the baby and will favour the development of his intelligence.

Stimulate the creativity of babies and newborns

Parents can take advantage of the innate interest of babies to enhance their creativity. Children feel an enormous curiosity for the environment that surrounds them since they are small (they listen, observe, taste, touch…). And one way to stimulate their creative capacity is through the senses.

Some ideas to stimulate the creative capacity of babies are:

  • Gesticulate your baby: smile, face anger, sadness, cover your face and discover it. You’ll see how she has fun.

  • Walk through different places and you will see how the leaves of the trees catch her attention.

  • Show him pictures with colors, simple shapes or photographs.

  • Use a mirror to perceive the space from different points of view.

  • Take a bath with the baby. Try to make it a haven of goods and serenity for both. Use warm and relaxing lighting and play soft music.

The creative capacity through the rest of the senses

Through touch (caresses, hugs…), taste (sweet, bitter, salty flavours), smell (fresh, rancid smells…) and sounds we manage to stimulate our baby’s creativity in a natural way.

A recommendation: make him listen to different types of music, explore different textures through suitable objects or try new flavours when his diet is already solid.

Images as a stimulus for babies

Observing is a source of inspiration for adults and young children. We constantly receive stimuli from visual images which, through observation and analysis, stimulate our creative capacity and give rise to original ideas.

From cinema and television we capture images passively, but parents can go one step further and reinforce the analytical capacity of our children when it comes to observing what we see. We can encourage the child to stop and explore his environment with a curious look: discover with them the suggestive and evocative power of shadows, clouds, water, rock walls, reflections, stains, traces…

The creative capacity through the well-being of babies

One way to stimulate babies is to enjoy their company. Try to feel comfortable and relaxed. Transmit wellbeing to them, as this is what they will perceive of you. Try to avoid overprotection so that it does not grow with anxiety or fear, but open and confident.

If a baby grows too attached to his mother, he may feel lost and abandoned when he does not see her. They may have crying spells, or other symptoms of anxiety, by not recognizing their arms. If the baby remains overprotected during his childhood, he will not tolerate changes and will tend to avoid new situations and relate to others.

Throughout his childhood, the child must learn to be autonomous. Otherwise he will look for the person who solves his problems and will not know how to face them on his own.

Positive energy for your baby

The conclusions of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, after having carried out thousands of experiments with water, are surprising.

His hypothesis demonstrates how words and music influence the process of water crystallization. Positive words cause a more orderly crystallization, the water is purer. The vibrations of the music also determine the arrangement of the crystals.

The percentage of water in a human being varies according to age and body mass, but is about 75%. This percentage in embryos is even higher.

The conclusion we could draw, therefore, is that the effect of positive words and harmonic melodies can have a healthy effect on the baby’s organism.

Can babies’ creativity be encouraged?