It was quite normal that in the quarantine period, the amount of new users that saw a porn website for a first time increased significantly. And that was exactly what happened during the last 2 to 3 months in several countries, specially with when talking about an age group that comprises university and college students.

Some reasons that could explain this could be that these young men and women they are quite confortable with mobile and internet technologies, but also because some of them were actually initiating their sexual lifes with a partner(s) and suddenly were left alone, without such fellow young partners and their sexual activity just disappeared due to the quarantine obligations of staying at home.

An interesting fact was that several porn video services started to target exactly this age group and one very good example is actually the short-video format app, called Exactly, as you might wonder by it’s name, it does replicate a similar format to TikTok, the famous app among younger generations. But in this case, it is adapted to porn, with several short-format videos from pornstars to well-known studios which available right away, either while scrolling down with your mouse or most commonly, by a swipe movement in a mobile phone.

Right on time for new users of the app

The brand responsible for it did actually develop and make available such mobile and desktop app some months before the coronavirus crisis, but it was a coincidence that saw them taking advantage and targeting new users that were affected by the quarantine periods across the globe. Being the first brand to actually create such type of app (more recently others followed, as for example Youporn with their new app called SWYP), they took advantage of all new users coming across such video-format and the context that envolved the quarantine periods as they were spending way more time at home. woman

To all new users starting to watch porn, we live here some quick tips and ethical scenarios you should consider before watching it, whether in your mobile phone or through your laptop/desktop:

  • avoid viewing taken web content: This seems less complex than it in fact is. It can be difficult to acknowledge when material is stolen, so here are a few ideas for identifying potentially swiped material. Prevent to watch porn websites that market themselves as having “revenge” or “stolen” porn because it’s most likely the people involved did not consent to having their videos or images submitted to that website.
  • take a look at entertainers’ validated pages: many porn celebrities, both professional and also amateur, have actually confirmed pages on Pornhub, so keep an eye out for heaven checks. By going to their page and seeing their material, you can still view totally free pornography, while additionally aiding the developer, considering that Pornhub provides a check based on the variety of sights on their videos. So not just can you still appreciate top quality, specific web content free of cost, you likewise guarantee its makers make money.
  • pay for it: at the end of the day, we need to remember that porn is a luxury, and also no one is qualified to have it free of cost. Though it prevails to hear jokes concerning exactly how very easy it should be to be a sex worker, it really isn’t. Both expert and amateur porn celebrities placed a lot of cash, effort and time in to generate the content that we such as to watch, and at the minimum, they should be paid as necessary. Not surprisingly, many university student don’t have the additional money to spend $20 a month on a porn membership. But if you are among the lucky few that does have non reusable income as well as you like seeing pornography, think about getting a paid subscription. By paying for the pornography you see, you’re placing cash in the pockets of the sex workers that are generating that material, so they can remain to develop more of the web content you love.
New short format video apps targeting younger generations