There is a large trade in marijuana that, depending on the country and particular legislation, can be placed within the framework of legality or not. Apart from that, in what we do not enter, there are several types of Marijuana with hundreds of varieties and with them, i.e. dinafem, giving options for all tastes, both from the point of view of’varietal taste’ and cultivation technique used.

Whether Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica or Cannabis rudelaris, the three most popular species among growers, the method of planting them is the same.

Dinafem and other varieties

It is true that there is a general lack of knowledge about their cultivation and this allows a great deal of concepts and aspects to be generated in this respect, which, masked under ‘false technical criteria’, transmit to many of those who wish to cultivate them a kind of ‘wise cultivation techniques’.

Enough of this deception! The cannabis is a type of hemp and from there, a very rustic plant and without hardly complications of culture.

The difficulty of their cultivation is generated by the lack of knowledge of some technical agricultural aspects on the part of those who cultivate them. We want to grow them indoors, in a place where even outdoor plants have their days numbered (hemp is an outdoor shrub plant) and often even outside their natural growing seasons.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some basic notions of how to successfully plant marijuana seeds. With these brief tips, success is virtually assured.

Season of sowing of the cannabis

If we cultivate them as a forced crop, with artificial lighting, heating, etc., they can be cultivated at any time of the year.

But if we do it outdoors, on our balcony, terrace or garden, in Spain is the best time to plant marijuana in late winter, when the ambient temperatures begin to be more benign. With them it is easier to germinate and as the days begin to get longer the plants grow at a better rate. We can specify that the beginning of March is a very good date for planting marijuana.

Varieties of marijuana

There’s a whole industry in the genetic improvement of marijuana. From the beginning we should know that there are male plants that are not productive of buds and female plants that are the ones that are of interest because they do produce them.

In the case of sowing auto-flowering or regular seeds without knowing their sex, we must be concerned about eliminating those male plants as soon as we identify them towards the end of their cultivation, with the aim of preventing them from fertilizing the female plants because otherwise they will spoil their production.

Currently and as a result of the genetic improvement referred to, there are top quality feminized cannabis seeds with a guarantee that all these (female) plants will be able to produce powerful and beautiful buds and buds. With them the results are more predictable and stable.

Where to plant marijuana

A very interesting option is to do it in trays called alveolus trays or small pots of no more than 9 or 10 centimeters in diameter. This allows us to transplant them into larger pots once they have germinated and reached a minimum size, thus accelerating their growth rate throughout the growing season.

It has been shown that every time we transplant marijuana into a slightly larger pot, it experiences a major developmental blow. Thus, if we can perform three transplants during its cultivation, better than two.

The reason is that each time the plant finds new substrate, it renews its entire peripheral root system, which is adjacent to the surface of the entire pot.

How to plant marihuana seeds