The sexual attraction or sex appeal of a couple is a subjective question, in which physical factors may be important, but it is the emotional factors that have the greatest weight, especially over time. So how to sexually attract your partner, rather it becomes a matter of knowing and discovering the other and yourself, in the exchange of the relationship.

Therefore, identifying, understanding and satisfying your partner’s sexual preferences is essential to ensure that the spark does not go out, or even find the best escorts in Barcelona in case you search for profesional help.

Find the perfect partner(s)

Normally, when there is sexual attraction, there is a touch of mystery, the other has something else to discover. Knowing that new surprises are expected, ignites the erotic renaissance, key to a couple’s full sexual life.

Eroticism is not the same as sexuality. Sex is based on action, while eroticism nests more in the mind. Eroticism means connecting with vitality and desire.

One way to bring back the erotic emotion to your partner may be to create a private wasap, email or Facebook account, exclusively for your partner. This account will help you to play and flirt while creating new sexual curiosities for your partner,

Fulfill your sexual fantasies

Carrying out a sexual fantasy will eliminate boredom. Anything that can ignite this fantasy, be it erotic toys, movies, videotaping, etc., can spice up your sex life as a couple. But, remember that attracting your partner sexually involves a process of knowing each other.

The enemies of the couple’s sex life

The excess of security in a relationship is a great enemy to maintain sexual interest in the other. As we have already said, it is about discovering, testing, looking for other ways. The routine in the sex life can lead to boredom or boredom of the known, disappearing the touch of mystery. For example, women who focus on raising their children and take their partner’s sexual experience as another daily burden and men who focus on work assume the experience in the same way.

If the so-called excess of security appears in your relationship, you must assume your responsibility by contributing to this distance by not having enough time for yourself and your intimacy. Get your partner’s attention and take the initiative to arouse their interest. The desire itself will help you, being able to be a great ally to approach you again.

When in a couple, one is interested in sex, approach or eroticism, but the other is not, a sense of longing is created, which being repeated can lead to frustration. At this point, you need to take the bull by the horns immediately and start a close and honest conversation about remedying this situation NOW.

If the situation of longing, and later of frustration, is not immediately remedied by the simple lack of communication and expression of desire for one another and how to solve it, it can be pushed to the limit, resulting in an adventure or infidelity, even divorce or separation.

Infidelity: good or bad?

Infidelity does not always mean compensating or filling in what was missing from a relationship. In this case, infidelity is an alarm to put more energy into the regeneration of a relationship.

Expectations of how the sexual encounter should be or how the other person should act are also a major impediment to the development of a full sexual life. Like past experiences. That’s why it’s important to focus on the now and the moment of enjoyment with your current partner. Beyond expectations and the past, there is now, that encounter of sensations and feelings.

Stress and lifestyle or work changes can also play a role. Submitting yourself to stressful situations will make you fatigued and may influence your sexual desire.

How to have a healthy sex life