In order to answer a question as complex as this one, it is necessary to be clear that one must start from the sexual desire that each person experiences in their daily life, since in reality there is no minimum or maximum number of sexual encounters to determine that a person is within the correct threshold or not.

In that order of ideas, it is necessary to bear in mind that sexual desire is the determining factor in order to obtain the desired results in relation to the answer if it is possible to live and be happy without sex.

Life without sex. Can you be happy?

To be clear and straightforward from the outset, observations and research have shown that if a person does not have sexual desire, they will be able to live a life of abstinence and be happy, which is why there would be no inconvenience with a lifestyle like the one described.

Despite the above, it should be remembered that if a person does have a high sexual desire and cannot satisfy these interests with sexual encounters, the conclusion to be reached is that his or her sexual life is not satisfactory for any reason whatsoever and in this sense, the experts in the field suggest that this deficiency be balanced with a healthy diet, without sugars, without coffee and with plenty of exercise so that the burden that is retained can be released.

Thus, when thinking that there is a mismatch between a person’s sexual desire and sexual activity, the conclusion is that it is going to be very complex to be able to be happy and have sex, although of course it is possible. However, what is often mentioned in this regard is that this is a way of limiting emotions and sensations.

Some of the consequences that have been identified in this type of situation are:

  • Weakens the immune system – Sex is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, so it promotes the production of antibodies.

  • The person becomes more irascible – Hormones that are related to both sex and emotional responses will be affected by this imbalance and this may be one of the consequences of the previous one.

  • Reduces concentration – When making important decisions, as well as memory capacity are related to the frequency of sexual encounters.

  • Stress-promoting – Sex is a mechanism for reducing stress, and lack of stress causes stress conditions to be favored.

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