Football is one of the most passionate sports. Every weekend a multitude of players and fans come to play and every weekend. In Sprinter we are a real football madmen and we give you 6 simple tips with which to enjoy much more of your favorite sport.

1. Choose the right footwear

Choosing good sports to play football is the most important thing. You need to know the terrain where you are going to play. It is not the same to play football as it is to play futsal, nor is it the same to play on natural or synthetic surfaces. You need a specific model for each of the options.

2. Equipment is also important

Having specific football clothes is the best option. Fabrics must be breathable to retard the onset of sweating and minimize energy wear by improving performance and are much more demanding than an ordinary cotton t-shirt. Also, if you like to wear the colours, you can choose some of the official equipment of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atl├ętico.

3. Safety first

Soccer shin guards are that basic essential that we only remember when we have received a blow. They are a basic protection for all the players and in the official competitions they are obligatory to be able to go out to the field. They are placed under the socks and are usually fixed with the help of velcro straps that pass around the cufflinks. In some models they also have an adjustment in the ankle area that keeps them much more stable.

4. If you are a goalkeeper, you have to feel unbeatable with the gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are the basic working tool for goalkeepers. They must transmit the necessary confidence and security so that the goalkeeper feels that he can stop all the shots he receives. Although they are not so common in futsal, in football everyone uses them and they fundamentally have these functions:

  • They offer an extra point in the stretches and stops to enlarge with them put a little hand.
  • They allow a better grip of the ball.
  • They protect the hands from ball tops and clearances.

5. Complements for matches and trainings

Football is a sport that requires abundant material. For matches and training we will need balls, inflators, petos as well as backpacks and bags to carry everything comfortably. Discover the entire collection of sports equipment for football in Sprinter.

6. Team fun and values

Remember first and foremost that football is a team sport. Individualities are fine, but only one player is not going to be able to win a match. That’s why the importance of teamwork is one of the most worked commitments in this sport (there are many others such as honesty, effort, respect and commitment). Here, the work of the coaches is essential, especially in the lower categories where the boys are more permeable, and many of them work with the same intensity learning and internalization of these principles with the technique and tactics necessary to develop as players.

How to enjoy football to the fullest