A little introduction to college parties and college sex

College party at a beach

College parties are a tradition on almost every college campus. It is not uncommon to see crowds of people turning up on the weekends and dorms filled with people partying until their eyes are bloodshot in the morning. Getting together with your fellow friends is important because it allows you to bond, share moments, and create memories that will last forever. There is something about this age-old concept that has always fascinated me and compelled me to join in on campus events more often than not. I love having a good time with my friends when we can talk about everything from our personality quirks to our deepest thoughts over long nights of fun dancing, laughing, and talking… and sometimes witnessing a crazy einfach porno orgie in public.
These gatherings have helped shape my character in many ways for the better.

Are college degrees really important?

Image of a student on graduation day

There are many people who wonder if a college degree is worth it, if one is truly necessary. Those that do wonder whether or not a degree is worth it usually have one thing in mind and that is whether or not they would like to go on with their lives and get a job. They may not have much information as to whether or not getting a degree really is worth it, but for the most part it’s probably because they don’t understand the benefits of a degree.

Are Australian Universities a good choice?

Image of graduates throwing their hats in the air

When you think of Australia, do you think of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or any of the other major cities? Do you think of a country that has some of the best universities in the world? It may surprise you to know that Australia’s higher education system ranks in the top 50 of the world’s best Universities. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Australia’s educational system as outstanding. This recognition came from a review of Australia’s educational quality by a special committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The committee also looked at Australia’s high score on the international PISA test.

New short format video apps targeting younger generations

It was quite normal that in the quarantine period, the amount of new users that saw a porn website for a first time increased significantly. And that was exactly what happened during the last 2 to 3 months in several countries, specially with when talking about an age group that comprises university and college students.

Tik.porn woman image

Some reasons that could explain this could be that these young men and women they are quite confortable with mobile and internet technologies, but also because some of them were actually initiating their sexual lifes with a partner(s) and suddenly were left alone, without such fellow young partners and their sexual activity just disappeared due to the quarantine obligations of staying at home.

An interesting fact was that several porn video services started to target exactly this age group and one very good example is actually the short-video format app, called Tik.porn. Exactly, as you might wonder by it’s name, it does replicate a similar format to TikTok, the famous app among younger generations. But in this case, it is adapted to porn, with several short-format videos from pornstars to well-known studios which available right away, either while scrolling down with your mouse or most commonly, by a swipe movement in a mobile phone.

Is it possible to teach art and culture to our kids?

Is it possible to teach art and culture to our kids?

It is clear that the social and cultural environment play an indispensable role in the development of children. Just as children are in need of responsible adults around them, to cover basic needs for growth and guide them in their behavior, the context is also determinant in parameters as important as beliefs or the transmission of values. There is no single successful formula for such transmission. The study “The culture and education of young children. Preparing staff to teach children from many cultural backgrounds”, conducted at the National Black Child Devolopment Institute in Washington, noted that the differences observed between cultures for cultural transmission to children do not mean that there is the right way versus the wrong way.

The term “art” is even more specific than that of “culture”. It refers to the expression of human activity through plastic, linguistic or sound resources, and also plays a fundamental role in the development of the child. It develops creativity in the face of problems and conflicts, helping to think. It invites children to reflect and ask themselves questions to overcome barriers such as prejudices. It helps them to use their senses, to approach different contents in an entertaining way. Improves the perception of what surrounds them. That is why it is so important that they are in contact with art and culture.

Can babies’ creativity be encouraged?

Can babies’ creativity be encouraged?

Babies are naturally curious about the world around them. Through the senses they discover their environment: they look, touch, smell, taste… Parents can take advantage of this curiosity to stimulate their baby’s creativity. Thus, we can present images or landscapes for you to observe. We can also put on new music or give them a taste of different flavours.

These experiences will be pleasant for the baby and will favour the development of his intelligence.