In recent times, video games have been linked to violence. Through social networks, several people related the facts of an attack in an eSports tournament. People who saw bodies lying around and came to feel the bullets in his body. The truth is that there doesn’t have to be a direct relationship, just as if you watch war movies you don’t feel like invading a country or throwing atomic bombs, do you?

“I am really lucky. A bullet grazed my thumb. Worst day of my life. I was writing one of the witnesses on twitter. A means that was also used by the authorities to ask those present to remain calm. “We are finding a lot of people hiding in Landing. We ask you to be calm, to stay where you are hiding. The Swats do a methodical search. Jacksonville is one of the most violent cities in the United States and the most dangerous in the state of Florida. The place where the events took place is the shopping center Jacksonville Landing located in a central business area. Anyway, if you want a good cover fire games, here you have some options.

Destiny 2

Among the most prominent rumors is the fact that it will be a completely different game and will have wider and more active environments. Moreover, it seems that we will be able to interact more with the environment and the characters, and it is speculated that the studio will bet on a restart of characters.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Several game styles are proposed: sniper, ghost or warrior; which we can boost thanks to several skill trees with experience points. In addition, the development of the story will be less linear than on other occasions.

Quake Champions

An exclusive videogame for PC that promises to recover the essence of the franchise, but incorporating new elements. Quake Champions is being developed by id Software, responsible for DOOM.


It will be a first-person shooter, but it will also enhance its narrative section through a story of personal discovery. In addition, the Arkane Studios game will let us choose the sex of our character, Morgan Yu.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

It will include a campaign mode and recently a DICE member confirmed that they have no intention of having the Star Wars Battlefront sequel include conquest mode, a mode much loved by fans of the franchise’s original games and by Battlefield fans.

Call of Duty

Nothing is known about the next installment of the franchise, but there is no doubt that it is a reference of the FPS genre or shooter. Activision hasn’t revealed any official details about the game, but rumors are that it’s a Vietnam setting and a project with Stronghold as its code name.

Are fire games dangerous for kids?