When you think of Australia, do you think of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or any of the other major cities? Do you think of a country that has some of the best universities in the world? It may surprise you to know that Australia’s higher education system ranks in the top 50 of the world’s best Universities. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Australia’s educational system as outstanding. This recognition came from a review of Australia’s educational quality by a special committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The committee also looked at Australia’s high score on the international PISA test.

What Australian Universities can offer their students

In spite of the recognition of its excellence, Australia’s higher education system is not all about academic excellence. Australia has a wide range of majors to suit students from all walks of life. An associate’s degree can be obtained for a medical doctor, teacher, police officer, teacher’s aide, or other professionals with significant experience in teaching, while a bachelor’s degree might lead to a business person or manager. There are even bachelors degrees for people who enjoy writing and would like to write articles for the Internet or publishing books. A master’s degree is the ultimate goal of students of all levels, as it is the culmination of years of study. With such a diverse variety of degree programs, anyone who is interested in a specific area can obtain a degree without having to repeat courses.

Students wishing to participate in graduate programs must also prepare themselves for the rigors of these courses, often taking longer than they would in the United States due to the lengthier course schedule.

Australia also offers both onsite and online studies, which makes it easier for students to travel, but many Australian universities do not offer programs of this nature. Many Australian universities offer a Bachelor’s Degree through the Distance Learning Program (DLP). This program allows students to earn their degree from the comfort of their own home and to complete their course work at the university of their choice. This type of program is offered at most universities but the most prestigious ones, like Macquarie University of Technology Sydney, have DLP programs exclusively offered. It provides students with a bachelor’s degree that is equivalent to the standard university’s program.

Some universities offer a Master’s degree through an online program, and many of them have online courses as well. For those that do not have any campus-based courses available, there are still ways to get a degree in Australia from one of their many online universities. Many accredited online universities will accept online applications and many accredited online colleges have programs available.

Are Australian Universities a good choice?