College parties are a tradition on almost every college campus. It is not uncommon to see crowds of people turning up on the weekends and dorms filled with people partying until their eyes are bloodshot in the morning. Getting together with your fellow friends is important because it allows you to bond, share moments, and create memories that will last forever. There is something about this age-old concept that has always fascinated me and compelled me to join in on campus events more often than not. I love having a good time with my friends when we can talk about everything from our personality quirks to our deepest thoughts over long nights of fun dancing, laughing, and talking… and sometimes witnessing a crazy einfach porno orgie in public.
These gatherings have helped shape my character in many ways for the better.

Enjoy the party but understand the risks

As a college student, there are plenty of parties and events you are required to attend. Sometimes these events have alcohol, drugs, and sex present. How a party is organized may determine the level of risk involved with sexual activity at these events.

Sex at college parties is fun for some and painful for others. While sexual assault is a topic that is commonly discussed, it’s important to note that most college students experience some form of non-consensual sexual contact. It may be a fleeting kiss, an unwanted hand on the butt, or something more serious. What makes these experiences difficult is not only the fact that they aren’t consented to but also the stigma associated with rape and sexual assault as topics to discuss openly.
There are many articles written about this topic – what “safe sex” means in the context of college parties and what risk factors exist at these events for unwanted sexual contact. The issue is that sexual assault often happens when people are drunk or high – this leaves them unable to consent or protect themselves from unwanted advances from others who may use drugs intentionally as a way to coerce someone into having sex against their will.

Beware of roofies, but know that most college parties are safe and the people there are usually friendly. Bring a friend with you for safety and to help you navigate the party. If you can’t find a friend, then make sure to text them your location if they aren’t in the same place as you. Know that drugs and alcohol will be present at most college parties, so don’t drink or do any drugs unless it’s something you’ve done before or know is safe for your body.

What to expect at a college party

  • drunk people (obviously)
  • people dancing to songs on everyone’s phones 
  • locker room sex (obviously)
  • disturbing stories about the frat house somewhere down the street that just got busted for giving out drugs to minors, etc. 

The college party scene is one of the most significant changes in a person’s life. It will be difficult to find the balance between having a good time and behaving responsibly, but if you follow this guide, it will be easier. Here is what to expect in different scenarios, what to do if you find yourself in them, and how not to get caught up with peer pressure.
It’s impossible not to live with social pressure. It never stops, no matter how much a person tries. I know now that I don’t have to give up my standards of what is right and what is wrong and be okay with living like everyone else if it means I’ll fit in sooner rather than later.

Enjoy your time at college

Crazy college parties. Hazing that feels like it will never end. Exams, quizzes, and homework that seem to just never get finished. As a college sophomore, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of coursework you have to take and the responsibilities you have as a student in training. With more free time than any other year in your life, there are so many opportunities for socialization with your peers or the pursuit of extracurricular activities on your list. But while those opportunities are vast – and often exciting – college also brings its share of stresses along with both academics and extracurriculars.

A little introduction to college parties and college sex